Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Goodest Boy

I was going to call this blog "A Tough Year" but then that wouldn't have honored my Bestest Good Boy in the Whole Wide World, Orlin.

As many of you know I lost my cherished flame point Siamese, Lance Flame the Wonder Cat, a few months ago then Orlin (my cocker spaniel, golden retriever, afghan, bull dog cross - don't ask me, ask his Mamma) was recently diagnosed with nasal cancer.

But Orlin would never want me to dwell on the bad or painful. I think he would have reported the last two weeks of his life as awesome. Simply because he didn't have a negative bone in his body.

Like I said he was the bestest.

If you asked him to sit across the room he would be like... "Um, okay that's a little weird, but whatever you want, Mom."

Even when he was 'bad' and jumped up onto a counter and knocked bread down for Molly, if you caught him and said "Orlin! What are you doing?"

"Um, getting bread down for Molly."

"But that's bad!"

"Um... but Molly asked me to."

He was such an innocent but willing pawn of Molly. Even his worst habit, humping Molly was hard to get mad at. After all, Molly had asked him to!

When Chief was pouting due to the injustice of the world (you know, the lack of steak and lobster every night), Orlin would comfort him. When Princess needed someone to snark at without them snarking back, Orlin was her go-to guy (he would just lift his head so she couldn't reach him).

He had the best bed head. Oh, how he loved his feathering.

I am going to miss all of that and so much more about him.

Right after he passed, I got worried that he wouldn't be appreciated in Heaven the way he had been here.

Then I had the feeling of my closest friend, Gary (who passed years ago) saying, "Carolyn, don't you think I know a good dog when I see one?"

Of course Gary knows a good dog (after all I learned my good dog identifying skills from him) and Orlin was the best of the goodest boys.

I know they are up in Heaven just hanging out waiting for... well... to be perfectly honest Orlin is probably waiting to hump Molly, but that's okay. Even good dogs deserve to have some fun!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let's be Thankful for so much this week...

Our health, our pets, our pet's health.

However, Pancreatitis is not one of those things we should be aiming for this Thanksgiving.

I know, I know, during the holidays we have this nearly overwhelming urge to share with our pets. There is SO much good food around and we know how much we enjoy it, we think... just a tiny left over... or let them lick the dessert plate.

I am here to encourage you to share your LOVE not your food.

Because you see all dogs (and even cats) can get pancreatitis. It is a painful inflammation of the pancreas usually brought on by... you guessed it rich/fatty/sugary foods.

And small breed dogs especially are SUPER susceptible to this condition. Many times this disease requires days in the hospital on IV fluids, antibiotics and anti-nausea drugs. Besides the huge expense (usually right around the holidays), imagine your little angel having to be in a cage hooked up to an IV pump. #Ishudder #heavenforbid

So keep that image in your mind when that urge strikes you to share just a little stuffing or slip your own pumpkin a little pie.

Again... share you LOVE, not your food :-)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Linus, Kamikazee Dog

I may have mentioned that Linus is...well...bouncy. I may not have fully conveyed how crazy he is.

Linus is missing part of one of his paws. He doesn't really use that leg at all. And yet, somehow, that doesn't slow him down ONE BIT! You would think that, as a small dog with only three fully operational limbs, he would be cautious. Not so much.

He is the one member of the pack that I am constantly having to scold for getting up way too high and LEAPING. No gingerly stepping down off a high roost for this pooch. That takes way too long. Launching himself into orbit is much more his speed.

And watching him run? You would never guess that he had any sort of disability. He's super fast, makes hair-pin turns and stops on a dime. The faster he goes, the less you notice his leg.

Even the way he greets you when you walk in is over-the-top. He acts like he hasn't seen you in MONTHS (even if it's only been a couple of minutes) and won't stop gyrating until you stop to pet him and say, "Hi, Linus." I once tried to see how long I could hold out...I only lasted a minute and a half, and that was through sheer force of will.

Because that's the other thing about Linus. He's cute. Yes, I know, everyone thinks their dogs are cute. I'm not just talking about attractiveness. It's the whole package. Linus throws himself into life with complete and utter abandon. His life is lived in warp drive.

The one thing Linus does slowly? Learn what "no" means. #oy

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why Don't You Like Me?

Poor, poor LJ (our new flame-point kitten).

He doesn't understand why Enya (our elderly torti) doesn't love him.

Entitlement does not even begin to cover LJ's attitude.

You see his name sake Lance (the Wonder Cat, and yes, even though he has passed away, you really should still wave your hands over your head when you say his name) is like the old patriarch who built up his reputation and his fortunes with his bare hands. Lance was a self-made cat.

LJ on the other hand? Um... not so much. We call him our 'trust-fund' cat. You see he has the legacy of Lance, but hasn't really worked for it.

If anything we have given him everything on a silver platter. But why you might ask?

Because of Elvira (our black cat who LOVED Lance). You see God love Elvira but she can be a bit... well... evil... mean... swatty... witchy.

She tolerates her sister, but as I mentioned she LOVED Lance. We knew it might be tricky to introduce another cat into the household and we really wanted her to love the new kitten.

So, well, we told her that LJ was Lance. Ok, she thought it was a little weird he had gotten smaller, but he was the same color and the same smell (we rubbed Lance's favorite blankets all over him) and the same name so... he must be Lance!

Elvira was ecstatic! Not only was Lance back, but he LOVED her back (something that never happened when it was the actual Lance). We have never seen a happier cat!

But back to LJ. Now that we had conquered Elvira, we also convinced Yersinia (our not-quite-with-it black cat) that LJ was awesome.

So basically LJ has gone through his short life with everyone adoring him (really whether they wanted to or not! :-)

You can imagine his chagrin when he walked up to Enya who not only did not like him, but no one else was trying to convince her that she should.

Um... ya, Enya was Lance's sister, hun. She knows you aren't him... and well... They were siblings with lots-o-rivalry. Even if you were him, I am not sure how glad she would be that Lance was back!

But maybe this is a good thing. LJ needs to know that not EVERYONE loves him.

Sure we will have to put up with the sighs and the sad looks, but he will be the better for it #hopefully #notsosure #tugsatourheartstrings :-)