Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Evil Chihuahua Empire - Part 2

Princess is disappointed in you. She just thought she should let you know! LOL

Yesterday in the exam room I saw Lolli, a Chihuahua. She was tiny and sweet and gave me kisses.

I went home and informed Princess of this and she became enraged!

What Chihuahua is nice? To strangers no less???????

I am not sure if Lolli knows this or not, but she has been kicked out of the Empire (I am not even sure if Lolli ever applied, but that is a whole other story).

Now today I saw Champ, a Chihuahua. he was suspicious, growled and even tried to nip at me.

Princess will be so proud!!!!!!!!!!!!

Champ's owner was all apologetic and embarrassed. I told her not to worry.

He is simply a fine, upstanding member of the Evil Chihuahua Empire!

So all you Chihuahua owners out there.... Are yours more like Lolli or Champ?

Princess wants to know! (and keep tabs on everyone) :-)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween - A fun but potentially dangerous holiday

I think pretty much everyone is up to speed on the obvious dangers of Halloween.

Lots of doors opening and closing. Lots of excitement and kids hyped up on sugar. So keep all pets either confined to a room away from the action or keep the dogs on leashes.

And yes, even your dog that has never run out the front door before. I worked emergency shifts for years and can't tell you the number of animals that came in for various wounds and injuries on Halloween that had 'never run out the front door before.' So play it safe!

I am also pretty sure everyone knows about the problem with chocolate in dogs (and cats but for some reason most cats simply don't dig the taste of candy bars). So again, play it safe and keep ALL candy away from the pets.

Most cat owners are also aware of the dark side of the holiday and keep all "Halloween" kitties (black, torti, orange and white) locked up tight the week before and during Halloween. You don't want your kitty targeted by some mis-guided people.

What a lot of dog owners (esp tea cup size) don't realize is that ANY sugar or fatty food can create a condition called pancreatitis. This is a condition of the pancreas that inflames especially after high caloric foods are ingested.

The rash of pancreatitis after a holiday (any of them really since most holidays involve ingesting large amounts of rich food #duh) is staggering.

Don't be one of those people in my waiting room Nov 1st!

I know we all have an instinct to want to share with our dogs, especially the little ones with their pitiful eyes and mind powers, but remember they don't have the same pancreas as we do!

So have a GREAT Halloween. Just if we want to give treats to our dogs this year, how about we give LOVE instead :-)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oh. There you are.

God love these foster kittens but they are the most gentle little souls in the world.

They aren't that loving though either. They are just... well... very proper. We think someone might have swapped out our kittens with some British kittens.

How gentle and proper? Well I broke my pinkie toe last week. It was swollen and bruised and sore. Little Gretchen came over and started to play with my foot. I, of course, tensed up expecting pain.

Nope. She just gently patted my foot with her paw, no claws, then 'gnawed' at my toe with her lips. That's it. That's how she plays. It wasn't like she knew it was sore or I asked her to be gentle. She just was.

For more proof we just have to talk about the kittens favorite game, "Oh. There you are."

And yes, it is about as exciting as it sounds. Basically the a kitten will 'find' either their sibling, another cat, or one of us humans.

When I say 'find' I mean 'find.' There is no pounce. There is no 'Boo!' Or even a 'OH! Holy Cow I found you!!!!' Instead it is just a slight cock to the side of their head. "Oh. I found you." Then maybe a little bat of their paw, but nothing like a tag, you are it. Just a little acknowledgment that they did in fact 'found' you and then they are off doing something else.

Then about 5-10 minutes later they come back. "Oh. I found you."

Like I said, we are surprised they don't break out the afternoon tea!

How have you been surprised by little ones (canine or feline)? Let us know!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chi-Chi the... Shih Tzu?

Yes, that was my reaction too when I first met Chi-Chi.

I expected a cute little short-coated Chihuahua when I walked into the room. I mean I didn't even check the chart first to see what breed she was.

What I found was a black and white mop. Matted but oh so friendly. Even though she had eaten a paper clip.

It was lodged in her intestine and the owners decided not to treat.


Well, as you can imagine, we couldn't let that happen so Chi-Chi was turned over to the clinic and we of course took care of the problem.

Now that could have been the end of the story. A poor mis-named Shih Tzu rescued from a bad home, but that was just the beginning.

Just when we were starting to look for a new home for Chi-Chi, one of my staff come in with her elderly grandmother. Grams was 87 years old and did not understand why everyone was fussing over her and not wanting to let her drive.

Her license had been suspended but that didn't stop Grams. They had hid her keys and Gram just hired a locksmith to come out and make new keys.

But when Grams walked in and saw Chi-Chi. It was love at first sight! Once Chi-Chi was out of the cage, she ran right over, jumped in Grams' lap and curled up.

Luckily I knew of the situation so when the notion of Grams adopting Chi-Chi came up, I approved it, but only on 1 condition. Chi-Chi had to go where ever Grams went... and had to sit in Grams' lap.

Of course, of course. I looked at my receptionist and winked. Problem solved. How could Grams drive if she had to take care of Chi-Chi.

Now if Grams needs groceries, she just calls one of her kids or grand kids and they come and pick Grams and Chi Chi up and drive them to the store, because after all Chi Chi had come from a bad environment and needed that 'extra' care. ;-)

Littleness, once again, comes to the rescue!

Share your story of "Littleness" below in a comment!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chief does NOT like change

No, seriously, he HATES it.

I think this is a characteristic of "Littleness." It seems the smaller they are the more they want their routine to be EXACTLY the same.

The only change they want in there life is for YOU to give up more of your life to be with them more.

Case in point? As I announced last week we have two new kittens. They were sick so required care. Which of course took time.

I think you can see where that is going! I mean, not only did I spend less time with Chief, but then I spent 'his' time with some stupid kittens?

Why that is the most insulting thing he has ever heard!

So the first night we had them, he REFUSED to get under the covers with me. Oh not just refused to sleep with me, but went to the other side of the bed and laid with his BACK to me!

Finally after a half an hour I coaxed him back under the covers. Somewhere during the night obviously while he was groggy, he crawled up and curled up in my arms.

I awakened with 2 pounds of Chihuahua snuggled under my chin with my arm wrapped around him.

But that's how Littleness is, right? They pout and strut and punish but at the end of the day, or first thing in the morning, they simply melt into you.

I love the kittens. Who couldn't? But Chief? Ah, whether he knows it or not, change just makes me love him all the more!