Sunday, January 31, 2010


Chief is a demon. I am sure of it. He has supernatural powers over me.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can hear you rolling your eyes and shrugging your shoulders, "She's a vet, shouldn't she know better?", but hear me out.

We got back from a swap meet. My broken foot was aching, my back was aching from walking funny from my broken foot, and I had a headache from some yahoo smoking the weed right outside our yard.

I was really ready to go upstairs, lay down with a heating pad and take some very nice pain-relievers.

So the call "All dogs to me!" went out. Which was answered by the three non-demon dogs. Because you see Chief was sun-bathing. And when Chief sun-bathes, Chief decides when he stops and comes to me.

Fine. I'm going to be brave. I'm going to stand up to his tyranny. I won't go over and pick him up. If we get close enough to the stairs, he will realize his Mommy is leaving him and he will come running after me, begging to go upstairs.

Which worked... well, at least he came out of the yard, put his cutest face on, then promptly skittered back in and plopped down in his favorite sun spot.

Now any other dog in the WORLD, I would have stomped over there (okay gimped over there right now) and scolded them and promptly taken them upstairs.

But... but... but he looked so darned cute. I mean what great joys does he have in his life? After all, he's only got three legs. He's only two pounds. What could a few more minutes hurt?

The whole time looking at me with those pathetic brown saucer eyes.

So, I plopped my sore but back down into the uncomfortable patio chair...

Like I said, a Demon. And who knew they liked to sun-bathe?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Being a 30% Better Mommy

That's what my 2 pound, three-legged Chihuahua wishes every day. 30% isn't so much to ask is it?

He dreams about if I were a better Mommy, how much better his life would be. He's not asking for a total revamp, just 30% better.

You know: not making him go outside to go potty when it is cold, hand-feeding him, not moving - at all - at night, stuff like that.

Now this morning appears to be a 40% day. You see I dared to get up at 6am, made him get up and walk over to his pink fluffy bed all by himself (I normally cradle him and gently lay him down but this morning we were at a weird angle), then -- I know this is going to horrify any Little Dog reading so brace yourself -- His Mommy forgot to cover him up with his Hello Kitty blanket! Left him exposed to the elements (of my bedroom of course)

The horror. The true horror!

Yeah, today may be a 50% better Mommy day. He has burrowed under his three fluffy blankets and won't even open his eyes if I lift the covers.

Oh, how I fondly remember the occasional day when I only need to be a 25% better Mommy!

Now, of course, my five pound Chihuahua is loving life. She is on my lap as we speak thinking I'm 100% the Mommy she needs.

Yet I still find myself wistfully looking over to that pink bed with its blankets piled high, hoping against hope he'll peek his head out.

Ah, the power of the Chihuahua!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

We're having a storm with no clouds

Nope, it is a wave storm and the dogs are freaked out. They keep hearing what sounds like thunder, but when they look into the sky and it is sunny as all get out.

Poor kids. Actually if I didn't know that the tide was going out, I would be a little worried too!

I love how each of them deals with it differently. Alpha is laying at the foot of the bed, watching each and every wave, keeping us safe (and watching for those evil, evil dogs being walked so close to our house!).

Orlin is crashed out on the couch. It usually takes food or an imminent attack to get him up and giving his one big WOOF that he contributes (which strangely usually does end any conflict going on).

Princess, of course, is watching for serial killers. On nice sunny days there seem to be way more of them on the beach.

And Chief is under a blanket on my lap. Because, seriously if you've got a pink fuzzy blanket and Mom, what other protection do you need?

Even the dogs on the beach are each handling it differently. Some are thrilled the water is so close. It makes getting drenched so much more convenient.

Other dogs that are used to running amongst the dunes, a safe distance from the surf and running with one eye out at the crashing waves licking at their feet. Why is the ocean chasing them? Why, they ask, why :-)

So today our backyard may be underwater, but the view from the second floor is one for the ages :-)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Many Moods of Chihuahuas...

Sometimes my Chihuahua loves me so much the only thing he can do is sneeze!

If that isn't the highest compliment a dog can bestow upon someone I don't know!

Of course, right now it is between the hours of 10am-4pm and the temp is above 55 degrees.

You see during these special, magical hours, he is a BIG dog.

He can eat food on his own. He can sun-bathe all by himself without his Mommy holding him. He can even run up the low four steps to the yard ALL BY HIMSELF!

He is also very happy and almost (notice I don't say all the way, because let's face it he is still a Chihuahua even during sunny daylight hours) loving.

Hence the sneezing fits of love.

Now once the sun starts going down, the NEEDY Chihuahua makes his appearance. Steps? Stairs? How with his remaining three legs, two of which are crippled could he possibly make it up one step let alone four? Are you crazy?

Leave him down on the ground? What????? Have you lost your mind? The sand is cold. He could freeze to death.

And if you expect him to sneeze about his love you better pull out something more than Mommy just walking into the room. Something like steak, and cut if for him, and hand feed it to him.

You see after the sun goes down he becomes a wounded baby sea otter.

Who knew? :-)

So for now while the sun is out and he is a BIG dog I am going to enjoy every last sneeze of happiness :-)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Do you have what it takes to join Princess Mononoke's Evil Chihuahua Empire?

Not many do.

She is looking primarily for a vast number of underlings who are bent on taking over the world as we know it. Chihuahua-style.

Her manifesto is roughly the following (although she adds things as she sees fit!)
1. No more 'Stop barking' commands. That has got to go.
2. Steak for dinner.
3. Chihuahuas can bite anyone they feel like and the bite-ee will thank them for it.
4. Stupid vaccinations also are done away with, along with all icky medications.
5. All larger dogs must bow down to her superiority in all ways.

Now other small breed dogs (Yorkies, Pugs, Shih Tzus etc) may also join Her Empire, they will simply be middle management which is a heck of a lot better than humans will fare in her brave new world. She'll even consider Beagles and such as long as they promise to bay elsewhere.

Please do not apply unless world domination is your thing! She's not into the faint of heart.

Look into her eyes. She means it :-)