Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why Don't You Like Me?

Poor, poor LJ (our new flame-point kitten).

He doesn't understand why Enya (our elderly torti) doesn't love him.

Entitlement does not even begin to cover LJ's attitude.

You see his name sake Lance (the Wonder Cat, and yes, even though he has passed away, you really should still wave your hands over your head when you say his name) is like the old patriarch who built up his reputation and his fortunes with his bare hands. Lance was a self-made cat.

LJ on the other hand? Um... not so much. We call him our 'trust-fund' cat. You see he has the legacy of Lance, but hasn't really worked for it.

If anything we have given him everything on a silver platter. But why you might ask?

Because of Elvira (our black cat who LOVED Lance). You see God love Elvira but she can be a bit... well... evil... mean... swatty... witchy.

She tolerates her sister, but as I mentioned she LOVED Lance. We knew it might be tricky to introduce another cat into the household and we really wanted her to love the new kitten.

So, well, we told her that LJ was Lance. Ok, she thought it was a little weird he had gotten smaller, but he was the same color and the same smell (we rubbed Lance's favorite blankets all over him) and the same name so... he must be Lance!

Elvira was ecstatic! Not only was Lance back, but he LOVED her back (something that never happened when it was the actual Lance). We have never seen a happier cat!

But back to LJ. Now that we had conquered Elvira, we also convinced Yersinia (our not-quite-with-it black cat) that LJ was awesome.

So basically LJ has gone through his short life with everyone adoring him (really whether they wanted to or not! :-)

You can imagine his chagrin when he walked up to Enya who not only did not like him, but no one else was trying to convince her that she should.

Um... ya, Enya was Lance's sister, hun. She knows you aren't him... and well... They were siblings with lots-o-rivalry. Even if you were him, I am not sure how glad she would be that Lance was back!

But maybe this is a good thing. LJ needs to know that not EVERYONE loves him.

Sure we will have to put up with the sighs and the sad looks, but he will be the better for it #hopefully #notsosure #tugsatourheartstrings :-)

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