Saturday, September 25, 2010

"LJ" is in the house!

"L.J" stands for Lance Junior. So okay, this blog post may be about "Littleness," just not the doggie kind.

If you have been reading this blog you know that we lost our most beloved flame-point Siamese a few months back. We then went into a strange altered state of not finding/yet finding a replacement for him.

Well, not him, but you know some kitten energy into the household to take our minds off of how lonely we were without him (even with 5 dogs and 3 other cats).

We had truly given up (at least for now) when the call came. A 4 week old flame-point Siamese kitten in trouble!

You can only imagine how fast we were out the door. Even if it wasn't LJ, we could not in all good conscious in Lance's name a flame point kitten to go untreated.

So we were driving to the not so great part of town and our GPS took us down a dirt alley. Um... Should we go down there? It was getting dark and my Roomie and I are not the bravest of the bunch.

But then out of the shadows stepped a huge flame point Tom cat. He was dirty and scrappy and thin. But oh so beautiful. Since we were within 3 houses, we knew that was Daddy kitty. He disappeared back through a broken down car, but we knew we had just had our first sign that LJ was right around the corner.

When we got there the foster mom totally had her heart in the right place, but did not have the knowledge necessary to care for such sick kittens. There were 5. Honestly LJ was so thin, malnourished, and dehydrated we weren't even sure if he was the kitten for us. But how could we leave him there?

Then there was his runt sister. She was half the size of the other kittens who weren't really all that big to begin with. The foster mother and I spoke for over an hour giving care instructions and general tips.

But at some point both LJ and his little runt sister ended up inside my sweatshirt. I looked at my Roomie. We both knew what that meant!

Of course I rationalized it that with only 3 kittens on her hands the foster mom could give better care to the remaining litter, but the truth was I knew that little runt wouldn't make it another 24 hours without aggressive care.

We spent 3 days getting the kittens back on the bottle. Giving fluids and medications. Grooming. Loving. Biting our nails. Would they make it?

Well, we are happy to say they have! With flying colors. Our little runt is named Gretchen while of course the newest addition to the family is LJ, who happens to be a 'snow ninja,' but that's a whole other blog.

And we are having the time of our life. To see two kittens on death's door bloom back to life (mainly so they can chew on our toes it appears) has brought love and light into the house.

We shall always miss Lance, there is no doubt, but I think our period of deep, sorrowful grieving is over.

After all Lance clearly sent LJ to us. We HAVE to enjoy him!

#thankyouLance #evenknowwefeelyourlove

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Magic Dog Cookie Dispenser

My Bichon "Molly" believes that any object in your hand is a magic dog cookie dispenser.


Now let's be clear, Molly has chronic pancreatitis so in the 14+ yrs I have had her she has NEVER gotten a treat. Chewable medicine, maybe. Treat? Never.

Yet a Bichon can always dream, right?

Recently one of her little warts on her back leg (she is a Bichon so basically since birth we knew she would have fourteen million warts as she grew older, destined by her genes) got infected.

No big deal. Gave her an injection of abs and started using a topical spray. Now she doesn't mind the spray. It doesn't sting. It doesn't bug her at all.

Yet every time you get the little spray bottle out, Molly jumps up and starts wagging her tail.

Because you see the bottle could be a magic dog cookie dispenser.

Me: "No, Molly. I need your rear end."

Molly: "Nope. I'll take the cookie right here in my mouth."

Me: "There are no cookies, Molly, just medicine."

Molly: "Um, that there is a magic dog cookie dispenser."


So what should take about 2 1/2 seconds takes about a minute in a half. 87 1/2 of those seconds convincing her that the tiny vial does not have cookies in it and the other 2 1/2 to spray it on her.

Don't even get me started about putting on flea control!


#lesstrauma.... #forme :-)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Ali" - The Boxer #thebreed #nottheprofession

Ok, yes, I know this blog is called "Pups in Tea Cups," and I am in theory supposed to talk about "Littleness" 24/7, however sometimes a true underdog comes into my life and I just have to share their inspiring story about "Bigness."

When I first met "Ali," it was a difficult time for him. He had been dumped at the shelter (at 10 years old) then adopted, but he kept 'fainting.'

Anyone that knows Boxers, knows this isn't a good sign.

Each time he got excited (especially at a niece's birthday party), he would fall over.

Between my testing and the cardiologist's verdict, it looked like Ali may have only had a few weeks left. After talking to his new parents about my 'honored to have been a part of this animal's life' motto, they decided to give him the best few weeks he could have.

Then a month later they called me. His fainting spells had stopped. They brought him in. Sure enough he still had the heart problem but had somehow medically stabilized.

We thought that was the only miracle 'Ali' had up his sleeve. Boy were we wrong.

Months later they were at the dog park and two unleashed Pit Bulls jumped the fence and headed straight for my client's young daughter. 'Ali' didn't hesitate, he ran between them and got attacked for it.

My client's were distraught. They loved him for protecting their daughter but knew this had to be the end for 'Ali.' Either the fight or the stress would take him.

But no!

Not only did he not faint, he survived the attack! They rushed him into me.

After washing the blood off of him... it turned out NOT to be his! There wasn't a single scratch on him. He was busy wagging his tail and looking for treats!

Even with his fragile heart, he won the fight! Now, that's our 'Ali.'

We have no idea how much longer he will be with us, but he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt why he was meant to enter our lives. He quite possibly saved their daughter.

So here's to a Ali!

He just showed us that even with a damaged ticker, you can still show heart! #lovehim #bignesstotherescue