Monday, April 12, 2010

Humans Have It All Wrong...

That whole sleep for 8 hours then WORK for 16?

Crazy talk!!!

Look how much the pack gets done...
Keeps a bird-free air space around the entire property
Monitors and deters serial killers 24/7 (not a single one yet to get in)
Notices and barks at any dog on the beach
Gets Mommy to pet them whenever they want.

And all that work and they do it being awake 3 or at MAX 4 hours a day!

Talk about efficiency! What you are you humans doing anyway for those 12 hours a day?

Instead of Olympics with ppl runnning and skating and jumping, they should have nap-offs. Or cute-ness offs (many times won by a napper).

Think of how much simpler everyone's lives would be if you just flip-flopped those sleep to awake hours!

Ugh, this blog took a lot out of them... obviously.

#timeforanothernap #14hoursofsleepandcounting

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