Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Dogs Are Pro-Union!

As long as that union is made up of trouble-makers!

Each and every day I am shocked at how much trouble my four little angels (Chief was watching as I wrote that otherwise I would have written 'devils') can get into!

And they are coordinated. I'm not sure if they actually mean to help each other out, but tag-teaming Mommy is an hourly event.

Want an example? I'll give you an example!

I go to take the dogs out for their potty break. Simple, right? #notsomuch

I've got Chief in my jacket, so you'd think he couldn't get into trouble, but usually he starts it.

He'll squirm or heaven forbid squeal (randomly if he doesn't like how he is tucked inside my shirt).

Of course I must attend to his every need so I take my eyes off the rest of the pack to find out what has inconvenienced Chief this time.

As if their watches were coordinated, Princess runs off into my Roomie's bedroom to chase a cat, Orlin heads for the bathroom trash, and Molly sprints down the hallway to check out the kitchen for tidbits on the floor.

There's much yelling, then cooing to Chief, then yelling at the rest of the pack, but NO ONE is coming back.

I head to get Princess before she annoys the cats (remember she's 5 pounds they are between 9 and 22lbs so she's no threat just a massive pain in their booty).

She comes running out with that, "What? I didn't do anything" look.

Next, to get Orlin out of the bathroom. Now he really is going deaf (and not surprisingly is the most deaf to the words "Orlin, Come!") so I have to physically touch him to get him to notice me.

The whole while I am stomping my foot, calling Molly, who hauls her booty around the corner before I can catch her in the act (she, of course, has that 'I was just making sure the kitchen was properly secured for the rest of animals safety' excuse going on)

Great, now we can head --

Princess snarks at Orlin (mainly for just breathing, you know her), I turn to address this new frackus and Molly somehow slips past me into the cat room to check the litter boxes!

"Molly!!!!!!!!!" a stomp. "Don't you make me come --"

Chief squirms. Princess notices a cat on the china cabinet and makes a sprint and Orlin gets confused and goes back in our room.

#Oy #yohyoh

And guess what? They need out again!



  1. Mom says mostly men have selective hearing. I bet Orlin never mistakes the word "Treat."