Friday, May 7, 2010

Life on the Beach...

Is great.

Well... except for the fact that my dogs aren't all that fond of the water. And they could really do without the whole 'sand' thing.

Did I mention what adventurers they are? I mean, what dogs don't like the beach?

Um, apparently mine.

Don't get me wrong, they are happy as clams (no pun intended :-). Because I mean, come on, right on the other side of the fence is a dog beach.

Dozens of dogs all day long, every day for the pack to get completely angry at and bark until Mommy stops them.

How awesome is that? And for Princess it is a cavalcade of serial killers, each one scared off my her ferocious bark (and of course, Chief's squeak).

So far we have only been able to take the 'Bigs' on an actual walk on the beach. Technically the "Littles" have been on a walk, but their tiny paws never actually hit the sand.

Both Princess and Chief just freeze and shiver if you try to make them walk on that evil, evil, shifting stuff Mommy calls 'just sand, you dorks."

So the "Littles" go for what we like to call a "carry."

Mommy has Chief inside her bra #duh and Auntie has Princess on her shoulder.

I am sure we are the talk of the neighborhood (and you know that's exactly what we were shooting for #not).

"Hey do you know those two weird women at the end of the lane that carry half their dogs down the beach and the other half run away from the water?"

Yep, that us. The pack that never quite fits in! #anywhere #anytime

Remember, Mommy has written a mystery novel about serial killers. Which might seem odd, but then remember Princess' obsession with them and it becomes a little more clear! :-)

You can watch the trailer, listen to the audio excerpt, and even read up to 50 pages before you buy! Follow the link here: and here is a 50% off coupon as well! RH88E

Thanks so much and we will see you next week!

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