Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dogs Know What Real Love Is

They really do. I mean as humans we search and beg and wish for it and dogs, well, dogs just live it.

As I work at my computer, I can tell you exactly what the dogs will be doing.

Chief will have wedged himself into my lap somehow (given the fact my laptop is supposed to be the think on my lap).

Princess will be smushed up against my leg, partially under the pillow 'desk' that supports my laptop.

Molly will be on the dog bed next to me, just waiting for her chance to take me down a notch and be able to sleep on my pillow and, of course, Orlin will be curled up on his pile of blankets.

And Linus, well, he will be playing with his imaginary friend.

Each one of them is doing EXACTLY what they love.

Chief and Princess are absolutely certain true love comes in the form of full body contact. I can also feel them just absorbing and radiating that love as they sleep (because napping is also super far up the 'love' list).

Molly comes from a different school. For her, power is love. The more she can control the pack, the more loved she feels. As many of you know I was afraid for the move to the beach for her.

She was failing, looking old. But do you know what transformed her into nearly a puppy again? Barking at the other dogs on the beach. Power. It is the elixir that runs through her veins.

For Orlin, being near his girls (me and Molly), pointed out at the beach (the source of potential danger) and having his blankets 'just right,' is enough to make him practically purr.

Which leaves Linus, who I believe is love incarnate. Or maybe play incarnate. Which since he loves to play... #youseewhereIamgoing

Dogs don't just know what love is, they know how to soak it in and be content with it.

If that isn't the most awesome thing in the world, I don't know what is!

#dogsrule #catsarenttoobadeither :-)

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Thanks so much and we will see you next week!


  1. So true. Dogs even know how to teach people real love!

  2. Yes. Unconditional love. I think dogs are special animals. They can sense when things may not be right with you. Example: I lost job a few years back. When I got home that day I was so depressed and stressed out I just sat in the recliner wondering what I was going to do. Normally when I get home my dog gets very excited and wants to play. But that day my dog seemed to know something wasn't right and hopped up on the recliner and sat in my lap comforting me. Dogs are just amazing animals.

  3. I really think that dog's have the extra "sense". Great post!