Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Yeah Us!"

Yes, that is a statement made by my pack about twelve thousand times a day. Think I am exaggerating? Um, think again.

We're going outside! "Yeah Us!"

We barked at a dog on the beach, "Yeah Us!"

We spilled Mommy's drink, "Yeah Us!"

Let me tell you there is no shortage of self-esteem around here. #none

They even 'Yeah Us!" as they run around shouting "Yeah Us!"

One would like that Linus spearheads this movement, but it started far earlier than his arrival (although no one does the "Yeah Us!" dance so well as that little Moppet).

Molly, the uber-alpha is of course the one to have started it. I mean, she thinks she rules the world, so why shouldn't she and her subjects indulge in a little self-appreciation?

Her question would be "Why isn't every single thing they do, or even think about doing, worthy of a victory dance?"

They take a drink of water. Why on earth wouldn't they run around, proclaiming that to the world?

Literally, while I was writing this blog, Molly jumped up onto the couch. Just a routine jump. Nothing special. No gymnastic moves, just a typical, usual jump. Yet there she was doing a little "Yeah Me!" jig before she laid down.

And here I thought I was maybe exaggerating that no matter how small the occurrence, my pack takes pride in it.


Ok, as I was typing that, Princess came over, coughed on a piece of dog food she had eaten too quickly (surprise, surprise), gagged then wiggled her booty "Yeah Me!"

So, if you ever need a pride transplant. Just DM me. My pack has PLENTY to go around!

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  1. I absolutely love reading your blog. It is so entertaining. Did you really write a murder mystery too? How do you have time for it all?
    I always have to read books like that in the bright sunlight. I think when the sun comes out, I'll read the 50 trial pages. I'll bet you hook me immediately.