Thursday, July 29, 2010

This isn't so much a blog about a cat as...

A blog about how crazy my Roomie and I are for animals.

As most of you know, our beloved, gorgeous, sultan of a flame point Siamese kitty, Lance Flame passed away last month, (if you want to catch up and read that post, click here).

Afterward we decided not to get another cat. That lasted all of a half a minute when a apparently pregnant cat came into my Roomie's clinic.

Then it turned out the cat was not pregnant. So we decided we would not get another cat.

That of course lasted a half a minute when out of the blue my Roomie got an email about a flame point Siamese kitten up for adoption.

But he had already been adopted. Now luckily we didn't bother to go through the 'we decide not to get another cat' stage. Instead we went to every shelter, humane society, or rescue organization in a 50 mile radius.

Because, you know, that's how we roll. I can't even tell you the ups and downs of that search just that we came home with a pregnant, REALLY pregnant cat.

We have turned our upstairs bathroom into a palatial birthing spa.

Why? Because while we still have 7 other animals including a Chihuahua that travels in my bra, there is a hole in our home. Lance, even at his healthiest, required our constant attention. He was a force of nature that moved the house around at his whim.

And now we have another force of nature in our home. A mother in crisis that requires our unique care.

We will miss Lance forever but hopefully the wonder of birth will help lighten our hearts.

Oh and did I mention that we ran out and bought a baby monitor and nanny cam so we can monitor every moment of our new munchkins.

Like I said this blog is more about our craziness than any cat :-)

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  1. You are wonderful peeps to open up your hearts to so many anipals and to take a pregnant kitty dat probably wouldn't get adopted. HUGS