Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Magic Dog Cookie Dispenser

My Bichon "Molly" believes that any object in your hand is a magic dog cookie dispenser.


Now let's be clear, Molly has chronic pancreatitis so in the 14+ yrs I have had her she has NEVER gotten a treat. Chewable medicine, maybe. Treat? Never.

Yet a Bichon can always dream, right?

Recently one of her little warts on her back leg (she is a Bichon so basically since birth we knew she would have fourteen million warts as she grew older, destined by her genes) got infected.

No big deal. Gave her an injection of abs and started using a topical spray. Now she doesn't mind the spray. It doesn't sting. It doesn't bug her at all.

Yet every time you get the little spray bottle out, Molly jumps up and starts wagging her tail.

Because you see the bottle could be a magic dog cookie dispenser.

Me: "No, Molly. I need your rear end."

Molly: "Nope. I'll take the cookie right here in my mouth."

Me: "There are no cookies, Molly, just medicine."

Molly: "Um, that there is a magic dog cookie dispenser."


So what should take about 2 1/2 seconds takes about a minute in a half. 87 1/2 of those seconds convincing her that the tiny vial does not have cookies in it and the other 2 1/2 to spray it on her.

Don't even get me started about putting on flea control!


#lesstrauma.... #forme :-)

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