Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Ali" - The Boxer #thebreed #nottheprofession

Ok, yes, I know this blog is called "Pups in Tea Cups," and I am in theory supposed to talk about "Littleness" 24/7, however sometimes a true underdog comes into my life and I just have to share their inspiring story about "Bigness."

When I first met "Ali," it was a difficult time for him. He had been dumped at the shelter (at 10 years old) then adopted, but he kept 'fainting.'

Anyone that knows Boxers, knows this isn't a good sign.

Each time he got excited (especially at a niece's birthday party), he would fall over.

Between my testing and the cardiologist's verdict, it looked like Ali may have only had a few weeks left. After talking to his new parents about my 'honored to have been a part of this animal's life' motto, they decided to give him the best few weeks he could have.

Then a month later they called me. His fainting spells had stopped. They brought him in. Sure enough he still had the heart problem but had somehow medically stabilized.

We thought that was the only miracle 'Ali' had up his sleeve. Boy were we wrong.

Months later they were at the dog park and two unleashed Pit Bulls jumped the fence and headed straight for my client's young daughter. 'Ali' didn't hesitate, he ran between them and got attacked for it.

My client's were distraught. They loved him for protecting their daughter but knew this had to be the end for 'Ali.' Either the fight or the stress would take him.

But no!

Not only did he not faint, he survived the attack! They rushed him into me.

After washing the blood off of him... it turned out NOT to be his! There wasn't a single scratch on him. He was busy wagging his tail and looking for treats!

Even with his fragile heart, he won the fight! Now, that's our 'Ali.'

We have no idea how much longer he will be with us, but he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt why he was meant to enter our lives. He quite possibly saved their daughter.

So here's to a Ali!

He just showed us that even with a damaged ticker, you can still show heart! #lovehim #bignesstotherescue


  1. What a beautiful, hartwarming story. YAY - it's a "success story." It must make you feel good to know you played a part in helping him along.

  2. Amazing story! Thank you for sharing even if it is not related to littleness! :)

  3. Oh my! What a wonderful dog, Ali is! YAY!

  4. A beautiful story. It was fate, he is supposed to be with that family. Ali has such a beautiful heart. Thank you for sharing this :)