Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let's be Thankful for so much this week...

Our health, our pets, our pet's health.

However, Pancreatitis is not one of those things we should be aiming for this Thanksgiving.

I know, I know, during the holidays we have this nearly overwhelming urge to share with our pets. There is SO much good food around and we know how much we enjoy it, we think... just a tiny left over... or let them lick the dessert plate.

I am here to encourage you to share your LOVE not your food.

Because you see all dogs (and even cats) can get pancreatitis. It is a painful inflammation of the pancreas usually brought on by... you guessed it rich/fatty/sugary foods.

And small breed dogs especially are SUPER susceptible to this condition. Many times this disease requires days in the hospital on IV fluids, antibiotics and anti-nausea drugs. Besides the huge expense (usually right around the holidays), imagine your little angel having to be in a cage hooked up to an IV pump. #Ishudder #heavenforbid

So keep that image in your mind when that urge strikes you to share just a little stuffing or slip your own pumpkin a little pie.

Again... share you LOVE, not your food :-)

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  1. Mario's mom here. Guess I didn't realize that before. I do give mario about a table spoon of cooked chicked when we have it and also about a tablespoon of cooked fish when we have dat. Had asked our bet and she thought if it was only a couple time a week and in very small amount, it should be okay. Maybe I'd better rethink that.