Sunday, November 14, 2010

Linus, Kamikazee Dog

I may have mentioned that Linus is...well...bouncy. I may not have fully conveyed how crazy he is.

Linus is missing part of one of his paws. He doesn't really use that leg at all. And yet, somehow, that doesn't slow him down ONE BIT! You would think that, as a small dog with only three fully operational limbs, he would be cautious. Not so much.

He is the one member of the pack that I am constantly having to scold for getting up way too high and LEAPING. No gingerly stepping down off a high roost for this pooch. That takes way too long. Launching himself into orbit is much more his speed.

And watching him run? You would never guess that he had any sort of disability. He's super fast, makes hair-pin turns and stops on a dime. The faster he goes, the less you notice his leg.

Even the way he greets you when you walk in is over-the-top. He acts like he hasn't seen you in MONTHS (even if it's only been a couple of minutes) and won't stop gyrating until you stop to pet him and say, "Hi, Linus." I once tried to see how long I could hold out...I only lasted a minute and a half, and that was through sheer force of will.

Because that's the other thing about Linus. He's cute. Yes, I know, everyone thinks their dogs are cute. I'm not just talking about attractiveness. It's the whole package. Linus throws himself into life with complete and utter abandon. His life is lived in warp drive.

The one thing Linus does slowly? Learn what "no" means. #oy


  1. Linus is adorable! My Oreo (5lb Pom)jumped off a couch and broke her front leg (just above the "wrist'). She had surgery to wire it together, but one of the wires broke and the bone shingled. So the one leg is a little shorter than the other. When she is sitting, she often holds it up--but when she wants to, she can run like the wind! Our little furry friends are so amazing!

  2. What a cutie. It's amazing how animals learn to "make do."