Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Evil Chihuahua Empire - Part 2

Princess is disappointed in you. She just thought she should let you know! LOL

Yesterday in the exam room I saw Lolli, a Chihuahua. She was tiny and sweet and gave me kisses.

I went home and informed Princess of this and she became enraged!

What Chihuahua is nice? To strangers no less???????

I am not sure if Lolli knows this or not, but she has been kicked out of the Empire (I am not even sure if Lolli ever applied, but that is a whole other story).

Now today I saw Champ, a Chihuahua. he was suspicious, growled and even tried to nip at me.

Princess will be so proud!!!!!!!!!!!!

Champ's owner was all apologetic and embarrassed. I told her not to worry.

He is simply a fine, upstanding member of the Evil Chihuahua Empire!

So all you Chihuahua owners out there.... Are yours more like Lolli or Champ?

Princess wants to know! (and keep tabs on everyone) :-)

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  1. My chi is a sweetheart, he does bark at knocks on the front door and if you are a boxer watch out, your nose is in for quite a nipping(thank god the neighborhood boxer is a pussycat). But people, he might be shy at first but within minutes he is giving kisses. Felderspawn's person