Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Christmas Miracle

I have been lucky enough to have been witness to so many miracles involving animals, Christmas and otherwise, but I thought I would share one during this season that is near and dear to my heart.

Years ago a technician and good friend of mine was in a bad car accident with her sister. Her sister came away with a broken wrist and sprained ankle, but my friend had been thrown from the car.

Even when the police and EMTs arrived they simply couldn't find my friend. It was a cold Christmas Eve with snow on the ground and everyone knew if they did not find her soon (since it was clear she must have at the least been unconscious) we could loose her.

Everyone was combing the thickly wooded area when my friend's sister heard the tinniest mewing. While she wasn't in the animal field she had been around her sister enough to know that was a newborn cry.

So even though the cry was coming from the opposite direction her sister should have landed from the accident, she simply couldn't let a baby kitten die of the cold.

But when she followed the sound, she found a tiny white kitten curled up with her sister! Somehow the kitten had found her! She was named Christmas Miracle right there on the spot (although we usually call her "Chrissy" for short).

They rushed my unconscious friend to the hospital for emergency surgery, as I got the call about the kitten. Even though they were reluctant, after they heard the story, the hospital staff allowed me to try treat the kitten in their waiting room.

With my friend's entire family (she was Catholic, so there were A LOT of people) gathered around, expressing their love and appreciation that little baby kitten faded. You would have thought it would have been sad, but it was so joyous.

We all sensed that little creatures pure soul and her singular purpose was to come down, save my friend then be called home. Tears flowed but in gratitude (as they are right now as I write this).

When my friend awoke from surgery we told her the miraculous story.

She wasn't shocked. As a matter of fact, somehow in her traumatized haze, she had heard that kitten's cry and thought it was God letting her know everything was going to be alright. She didn't know what was going to happen but she said she wasn't scared.

That was over 15 years old. Now my friend and I live states apart and seldom see one another. She has gone on to become a registered tech and a mom. I get a Christmas card from her each year and each and every year there is a tiny note at the bottom...

"With ever loving thanks to Chrissy."

And each and every year I cry remembering that little white ball of fluff and how she saved my friend's life.

Even though I only knew you for a few short hours I won't ever forget you either, Chrissy. That I can promise you :-)

If you have a Christmas (or otherwise) miracle involving an animal share it below! That's use this season to celebrate the animals that changed our lives!

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  1. OMC - dat is a Christmas miracle for sure. Gave M and I both leaky eyes.