Sunday, December 5, 2010

I hate to be a party-pooper...

Ok, I don't really hate it because it is my job to keep pets safe so as we head into this Holiday season I must put out my annual...

A Party-Poopers Guide to Keeping Your Pets Safe Around the Holidays

Do I wish I could tell you to decorate to your heart's desire and share every bit of holiday goodies with your pets? Yes I do.

However I took a silly oath to always put animal's health first so here is a list (long but not exhaustive) of things to think about during the holidays.

First and foremost do not feed your animals any holiday food. It is too rich and in the case of chocolate, it can be toxic.

Even be careful of giving your pets to many of their regular dog treats. Remember these treats are many times the animal equivalent of a candy bar. Give LOVE rather than calories.

When decorating, think as if you had a very rambunctious toddler in the house. What would they pull down? What would they put in their mouth. Yes, even seven year old, well trained dog will go for the popcorn on a string tree-trim.

When in doubt keep anything new to the household either up above a dog's ability to reach or in the case of a cat - LOCKED up. Even the water under the Christmas tree can be toxic, so keep it covered at all times.

Animals are creatures of habit. If their schedule is changed too much it can bring about stress which can result in behaviors that can go from annoying to downright dangerous. If possible try to keep feeding and exercise routines the same.

Don't expect your pet to be social. Some dogs love a good party. Others want to run and hide. Unless your pet is super social, create a room/crate for them - AWAY from the action! Get them used to this little den before the party to let them know it is safe. Some animals also like a TV or radio on to drown out the party noise and reduce their stress.

New animals especially can feel this social stress. And yes, they may be used to your family members, but maybe not ALL of them at once! When in doubt, create a 'den' space where they can relax during the festivities.

Ok, that wasn't too much of a downer, was it? LOL

If you have any to add, just leave a comment below and I may include it in next year's Party Pooper Guide! :-)

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