Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Band is Back Together #poignancyalert

The last 6 months have been rough and I am here to sadly let you know that Molly, the barking dynamo, has finally met her match and gone to the great beach in the sky.

She was the last of a group of animals I got about 15 years ago. Which was about the time of my divorce so you can imagine what Orlin, Molly, and Lance meant to me.

They got me through one of the roughest times of my life. And almost like dominoes they went down.

First Lance, then Orlin and now finally Molly.

As we know from my last post, I believe that Orlin sent that little Jasper puppy to me so that I had a playful companion when Molly finally needed to join him.

Orlin always was the bestest of boys like that.

Whenever I lose a pet, I always take comfort in the fact that I am sending them to a better place but for Molly that just wasn't enough. If you read my Twitter stream you know that she and I had a love/hate relationship.

We certainly loved each other, however her main goal in life was to be bad. She had her routine DOWN. Make a fake play for the litter box then dash for the bathroom trash and once Mommy has committed to the turn, run for the kitchen to see if anything got dropped during cooking.

She also orchestrated a gazillion break outs. Not to run away, but to go do the Lord's work in spreading the word about Spay & Neuter and adoption! Let's just say the "Home Again" microchip people knew me by name.

So I was torn after she passed. Was I sad? Was I relieved? Was I crazy for thinking that Molly didn't really want to go to better place. She thought down here was pretty stinking awesome.

Then I had a flash (I can only assume it was from Orlin) of Lance, Orlin and Molly totally hanging out together, with Molly in the lead, thinking up something naughty to do.

Yep, the band was back together... in heaven maybe, but still back together. We are calling them The Blonds. And they are rocking the house!

But with Molly's perchance to bark, I can only hope that angels come equipped with ear plugs!


  1. HUGS to you in your loss. It's always hard. But she is in a better place and will not have to suffer. you have our sympathy.

  2. aaww Sorry to hear about Molly! Sometimes the naughty ones take more of our energy, and in a way, we are closer to them...(((hugs)))

  3. Iz so sorry abowt Molly, an I'm sure she iz having fun wiv Orlin an Lance *softpaw*