Sunday, February 6, 2011


Ok, so my new Chihuahua's real name is Jasper, however for some reason he has decided he is a rapper (and not a very good one), hence the rap name "Jaspy-J"

He is one of those Chihuahuas that think he is so very cool. Kind of like the "Malibu's Most Wanted" for Chihuahuas.

But really at his core, he is just a dork.

His squeaky toy scares him half the time.

Don't move too fast at night or you will spook him.

He is afraid of strangers... even if he has met them a dozen times before.

Yet for all his eccentricities (he likes playing with the cats than he does with dogs), he is exactly what I needed.

After the difficult year I have had, having the goofiest, bounce like Tigger, still needs Mommy when the wind howls kind of puppy has been like a suave for my soul.

I worried no one could ever replace Orlin, and no one can, but that Orlin. He knew exactly what his Mommy needed. A dork.

So now I have 3 Chihuahaus.

1 that is expert at mind control (all 2 pounds of him)
1 that thinks everyone is a serial killer
and 1 that thinks his album is going to drop sometime this year. #oy


  1. I love reading about your menagerie. Makes me want to get a dog. But with two cats & a Sulcata tortoise & a non-disciplinarian husband, I just enjoy yours vicariously. Thank you for the laughs & tears in raising your pack.

  2. We love your Blog and if you think your mob is running your life - just hop over to Brentwood! because I have 2 Homes run by 6 Boys now who is crazy?
    ( MOI) me in French that is right-
    Let's see we have Little Man an over Friendly Chihuahua, Captain an overly Brithish Yorki , Senator & Governor 2 Huge Labradors who think they are lap dogs and my baby Sammy who I rescued from a CRACK House for real! is a standard Poodle but here is the twist we thought he was so funny looking pure black except for two grey spots on his ears so my ex - husband looked it up and as it turns out to be Sammy is a rare breed called Phantom Poodle. I am sure you can guess they do all the talking I am just the typest-
    Thank you for all the fun Bloging you do
    LM, Cappy The Dog , Danny The Dog Nanny , Senny and Sammy-