Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mind Control... It's not just Chief!

I knew Chihuahuas were manipulative, and I thought Chief particularly gifted with his mind control.

You know, the times when I was walking across the room, telling him that he couldn't control me with his mind only to realize that I was taking him outside just as he had asked! Those mind control powers.

But I met another Chihuahua with possibly even greater powers.


She was so cute and sweet in the room. She had a broken tooth that we needed to fix, but besides that everything was great!

Except I kept forgetting to write down her orders! My poor tech kept saying...

"Dr. McCray didn't you want to give Gazpacho an antibiotic injection."

Why, yes, of course!

Then two minutes later... "Weren't we going to do a heartworm test?"

Why, yes, of course we need to!

This went on and on. Everything I had said I wanted to do in the room, whisked away from my mind.

I apologized to the Gazpacho's mom. "I am not usually forgetful like this! I am so sorry!"

"Oh, don't worry about it. Gazpacho has incredible mind control powers!"

Both my tech and I started to laugh. We talked about Chief's mind powers all the time.

Once I knew what I was dealing with, I combat Gazpacho's hazing of my memory. As hard as she tried though, she still got all the medicine she needed!

Now I know to guard myself (and have my tech take PLENTY of notes) whenever Gazpacho's around.


  1. he he - I thought only we cats used mind control. What an adorable little doggie.

  2. Cute blog! Been thinking of adding another dog to the family, maybe a Havanese. Following you on twitter @chezvino. Blog in my dog's voice about wine!

  3. Oh great. Now that you're outing our mind control abilities, we're going to have to ramp it up to the next level... I mean, uh, what? We're just sweet little dogs, no mind control here. *big eyes, shiver shiver*

  4. ♥ I'm home ...
    LOL ...
    I got two little boys ...
    I keep them under close wraps ...
    because they are very aggressive ...
    they work up my old boy ...
    who is 130 lb Rotti mix ...
    Lord never gives me more ...
    than I can handle.
    ~Love and Light ...