Sunday, August 8, 2010

I know this Blog is usally about "Littleness"

But this week I met "Sandy."

A big, goofy Golden Retriever that I just had to tell you about.

Now you see my dogs generally like other dogs, however on walks if Orlin (my cocker/Golden cross) feels like his girl, Molly (my nemesis Bichon Frise) is endangered or even slighted in the least by a new dog, he will jump the other dog.

Doesn't matter it could be a poodle or Great Dane, Orlin will take them on.

Now I keep them on leash because of this and usually can keep them separate enough to keep everyone out of trouble... until "Sandy."

So we are starting our walk and see a HUGE golden chasing a ball into the surf. She is soaking wet and as happy as could be.

I angle us so we take the 'high road' in the sand dunes (my legs complaining) to avoid any problems when Sandy sees Orlin and Molly. She looses her mind!

"DOGS! DOGS! DOGS!" She drops her ball (I mean, come on that should tell you how excited she was) and comes charging over. Now Sandy's Mom must have predicted this because she already has a leash out and yells, "Sandy! Down!"

Shockingly, Sandy skids to a halt in the sand half way to us.

"Whew!" I think. She is just a big, goofy, puppy but at that weight and that speed? Holy Cow!

Everything went great until Sandy's mommy was a few feet away. Suddenly Sandy realized "Wait a minute! If Mommy gets that leash on me I can't visit my new friends!!!"

Well, within moments, Sandy was bounding our way again and then jumped on Molly!

Now she was just playing but tell that to Orlin and especially Molly! Snarling, snapping, and hysteria ensued.

Thank goodness Orlin's got that huge overbite and can't really bite, but he was holding onto Sandy's ruff for his life! And once Molly got over her initial shock, she latched onto Sandy's tail and wouldn't let go.

What, you might ask, was Sandy doing the whole time?

Um... Smiling! Panting, happy. No actually thrilled!!! You see, she thought they were playing.

Sandy was like "I know!!! I am so happy to meet you TOO!!!!"

Mommy wasn't far behind and got the leash on Sandy, the whole while I am trying to apologize for my two white fluffy Cujos.

But Mommy just laughed. "Nope, Sandy's got to learn some time. She gets in trouble five times a day for this!"

As Mommy was dragging Sandy away the Golden was like "Bye Molly and Orlin! I am so glad we met! Maybe we can do it again sometime!!! Call me!!!! I'm serious, CALL ME!!!"

And of course my two are like "oh ya, we'll call you!" as they growled.

Ah, Sandy. I hope some day to meet her again. You know, after more obedience training :-)

Just so everyone knows no dogs were harmed during the creation or writing of this blog!

Alright, enough with all this cat and bigness stuff I've been writing about lately. Next week's blog will be about Littleness!

#unlessofcourse #werunintoSandyagain :-)


  1. Isn't that just like a golden. They kind of like me - everyone is supposed to like dem.! Don't understand anyhone not liking them. Glad no one got hurt.

  2. I have a chocolate lab that doesn't care for other dogs much, except her Chihuahua that is...and westies, only if they're male of course.

  3. What a great post! My rescue dog is so incredibly shy with other dogs. You are lucky!