Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yersinia - The Cat & the Invisibility Cloak

Yes, I know another departure from "Littleness," but I have told this story to every dog owner I know and it cracks them up so I figure you guys wouldn't be much different :-)

Yersie is a black cat. She has lived with my Roomie from the age of 4 weeks old where she has been treated like a princess. Why do I tell you this? Well, after I describe her actions you would immediately feel sorry for her and think she had been abused.

She has not.

Her problem is she is a Bombay... with possible mental issues. Don't believe me? Read on!

Please note those HUGE eyes. Now that is a picture of a Bombay cat... CALM.

Now imagine one scared, and that would be Yersie. Only she gets 'scared' by air molecules. She gets 'scared' by me walking into the room or if you put a new rug down.

Everything in her world is 'scary.'

So thank goodness Yersie has what we call an 'invisibility cloak.' You will walk in the room, which normally will set her eyes bulging and her running for the nearest exit, and she just sits there calmly. Blinking casually.

Clearly, her invisibility cloak is 'On.' Now if you go to pet her, she freaks out, realizing her invisibility cloak has fallen off and runs for her life.

She also thinks I am her Mommy half the time. The other half the time she panics and runs away (awkwardly, but that's a whole OTHER blog). Now wouldn't you think if 1/2 the time the person you are rubbing up against ISN'T your Mommy, that you would do the sniff test first? Nope, I've usually pet her for about a minute before she finally sniffs my hand and panics.

Sometimes she will try to sneak away and her invisibility cloak slips and somewhere half way through her exit she panics and runs.

Now let's be clear. The vast majority of the time none of us have moved an inch.

Ah, Yersie's inner world.

If only I could live in it for a day (and learn how to sew me one of those invisibility cloaks :-)


  1. OMC, you write such beautiful stories. You're such a nice person, even though your a vet :)

  2. That's a great post and very interesting. Poor kitty - is very lucky to have you to live with because you are understanding of the problem.