Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Life as a Vet

It is funny. I get people all the time saying either... "I wish I were a vet." or "I can't imagine how you can do it."

The truth is I can't imagine NOT being a veterinarian.

Life has taken me lots of different places and at times I have taken a break from vet med, but I can't imagine not having the knowledge I have nor the experiences. Even the heart-breaking ones.

I think I was born in-love with animals. If you look at every pictures of me as a child, there is an animal in it. We are kissing or hugging or I am sharing my food. We even have one with the 'ghost' of a goose in it.

And since then I have been an animal magnet. If there was a stray or injured animal in the neighborhood (and let's be clear I lived in the country so my neighborhood included miles upon miles of farmland), it found me.

Even now, exhausted baby seals come right up to my yard, knowing they will be safe.

Why do some people think being a vet is hard? Well, there is the loss. Beloved pets (to their owner and to me) whose journey on this plane comes to an end.

I think I was lucky I grew up in the country. So young I was introduced to the cycle of life and that death is simply a part of it. Doing rescue as a child, I probably lost more animals to an early death than most people have pets their entire life.

One might think that would harden me to it. Instead I think I learned to embrace the good of the time we had together.

I truly do believe God misses that animal and calls them home.

Some of these were true hard luck cases. Whenever I lose an animal and start to ask 'Why did I even try? Why did I let myself in for this pain?", I always ask myself... "If I knew EXACTLY how this ended, would I still have tried?"

The answer is always yes. Because I always feel honored when an animal comes to me for even end of life care. Sometimes it is just five minutes. It doesn't matter. They honored me by inviting me into their lives. I wouldn't change a thing. I am so blessed to be at the center of an animal karma hub.

So that is how I 'do it.' How I am able to see so many animals pass through this plane and into the next.

I count myself lucky to have known them. To have loved them. Because if they were in my heart, for even just a second, they will always be there. #always

In loving memory of Uther, Gwen, Morgan & Minxie, May God find as much joy in your light as you gave to me.


  1. You are a great person & I bet a great vet too. Too bad you don't live in our city. That picture at the top is so very cute.

  2. I know being a vet. is hard, but I hope that the rewards far outweigh the sadness.
    We have had the same vet. for 35 years and he makes me feel better just seeing him. I know he will tell me exactly what I need to hear and with all of my furry family there usually isn't a long time between visits for one of them.
    Keep up the good work and we always enjoy your blogs.

  3. You are such a wonderful person. I can only imagine how many people have found comfort in your kindness as they shared their last minute with their pet. This year I lost my beloved fawn teacup, Margie (the boy dog). This is a wonderful blog!!