Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chi-Chi the... Shih Tzu?

Yes, that was my reaction too when I first met Chi-Chi.

I expected a cute little short-coated Chihuahua when I walked into the room. I mean I didn't even check the chart first to see what breed she was.

What I found was a black and white mop. Matted but oh so friendly. Even though she had eaten a paper clip.

It was lodged in her intestine and the owners decided not to treat.


Well, as you can imagine, we couldn't let that happen so Chi-Chi was turned over to the clinic and we of course took care of the problem.

Now that could have been the end of the story. A poor mis-named Shih Tzu rescued from a bad home, but that was just the beginning.

Just when we were starting to look for a new home for Chi-Chi, one of my staff come in with her elderly grandmother. Grams was 87 years old and did not understand why everyone was fussing over her and not wanting to let her drive.

Her license had been suspended but that didn't stop Grams. They had hid her keys and Gram just hired a locksmith to come out and make new keys.

But when Grams walked in and saw Chi-Chi. It was love at first sight! Once Chi-Chi was out of the cage, she ran right over, jumped in Grams' lap and curled up.

Luckily I knew of the situation so when the notion of Grams adopting Chi-Chi came up, I approved it, but only on 1 condition. Chi-Chi had to go where ever Grams went... and had to sit in Grams' lap.

Of course, of course. I looked at my receptionist and winked. Problem solved. How could Grams drive if she had to take care of Chi-Chi.

Now if Grams needs groceries, she just calls one of her kids or grand kids and they come and pick Grams and Chi Chi up and drive them to the store, because after all Chi Chi had come from a bad environment and needed that 'extra' care. ;-)

Littleness, once again, comes to the rescue!

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  1. You are so very smart!! It's not easy to out fox a smart grandma, but you did it. Thank you so much for saving that little doggie's life. What a sweetie - how could anyone make the decision not to treat their beloved pet for a medical problem. I just don't understand some hoomans.

  2. Chi-Chi definitely found a guardian angel when she was brought to you. Thank you for giving her a second chance at life. I know that her new life with Grams will be full of love and hugs and kisses.