Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chief does NOT like change

No, seriously, he HATES it.

I think this is a characteristic of "Littleness." It seems the smaller they are the more they want their routine to be EXACTLY the same.

The only change they want in there life is for YOU to give up more of your life to be with them more.

Case in point? As I announced last week we have two new kittens. They were sick so required care. Which of course took time.

I think you can see where that is going! I mean, not only did I spend less time with Chief, but then I spent 'his' time with some stupid kittens?

Why that is the most insulting thing he has ever heard!

So the first night we had them, he REFUSED to get under the covers with me. Oh not just refused to sleep with me, but went to the other side of the bed and laid with his BACK to me!

Finally after a half an hour I coaxed him back under the covers. Somewhere during the night obviously while he was groggy, he crawled up and curled up in my arms.

I awakened with 2 pounds of Chihuahua snuggled under my chin with my arm wrapped around him.

But that's how Littleness is, right? They pout and strut and punish but at the end of the day, or first thing in the morning, they simply melt into you.

I love the kittens. Who couldn't? But Chief? Ah, whether he knows it or not, change just makes me love him all the more!

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  1. ha ha - we're still laughing over that cuz he sounds just like me. If m not play with me enough or as much as I think she should, I no sleep with her. I'm telling her "I guess I showed you." Are you sure Chief isn't a cat??