Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rambo Rambunctious

Now if you didn't guess that was a Yorkie, I don't know what you were thinking! :-) LOL

If you thought the breed and name were weird, wait to you hear his story!

You see, my clients couldn't decide on a name for this little terrier. They wrangled over names like Twerp, Jazzy, and Pete. But nothing would stick. And he wouldn't come to any of them.

Now it wasn't like Rambo didn't have enough personality. He had TOO much. As a matter of fact one of his favorite things to do was to pick out his outfit for the day.

And yes, he was macho enough to pull off a pink sweater occasionally!

But the one that was his favorite was ... you guessed it a red head band and leather pants.

So one day he came in for some vaccines dressed up as I described. Well some of my other client's weren't as understanding and laughed at him.

Well, he barked right back!

In that moment we knew we had a true Rambo on our hands. Although we have to admit most times he gets called Rambie, but you get what we mean!

Do any of your animals like to get dressed up or had an unusual naming process? Comment on them below!!!

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  1. he he- dat's such a good name for that tiny, cute little doggie. I bet he'd be fun to play with too.