Friday, January 29, 2010

Being a 30% Better Mommy

That's what my 2 pound, three-legged Chihuahua wishes every day. 30% isn't so much to ask is it?

He dreams about if I were a better Mommy, how much better his life would be. He's not asking for a total revamp, just 30% better.

You know: not making him go outside to go potty when it is cold, hand-feeding him, not moving - at all - at night, stuff like that.

Now this morning appears to be a 40% day. You see I dared to get up at 6am, made him get up and walk over to his pink fluffy bed all by himself (I normally cradle him and gently lay him down but this morning we were at a weird angle), then -- I know this is going to horrify any Little Dog reading so brace yourself -- His Mommy forgot to cover him up with his Hello Kitty blanket! Left him exposed to the elements (of my bedroom of course)

The horror. The true horror!

Yeah, today may be a 50% better Mommy day. He has burrowed under his three fluffy blankets and won't even open his eyes if I lift the covers.

Oh, how I fondly remember the occasional day when I only need to be a 25% better Mommy!

Now, of course, my five pound Chihuahua is loving life. She is on my lap as we speak thinking I'm 100% the Mommy she needs.

Yet I still find myself wistfully looking over to that pink bed with its blankets piled high, hoping against hope he'll peek his head out.

Ah, the power of the Chihuahua!

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