Thursday, January 28, 2010

We're having a storm with no clouds

Nope, it is a wave storm and the dogs are freaked out. They keep hearing what sounds like thunder, but when they look into the sky and it is sunny as all get out.

Poor kids. Actually if I didn't know that the tide was going out, I would be a little worried too!

I love how each of them deals with it differently. Alpha is laying at the foot of the bed, watching each and every wave, keeping us safe (and watching for those evil, evil dogs being walked so close to our house!).

Orlin is crashed out on the couch. It usually takes food or an imminent attack to get him up and giving his one big WOOF that he contributes (which strangely usually does end any conflict going on).

Princess, of course, is watching for serial killers. On nice sunny days there seem to be way more of them on the beach.

And Chief is under a blanket on my lap. Because, seriously if you've got a pink fuzzy blanket and Mom, what other protection do you need?

Even the dogs on the beach are each handling it differently. Some are thrilled the water is so close. It makes getting drenched so much more convenient.

Other dogs that are used to running amongst the dunes, a safe distance from the surf and running with one eye out at the crashing waves licking at their feet. Why is the ocean chasing them? Why, they ask, why :-)

So today our backyard may be underwater, but the view from the second floor is one for the ages :-)

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