Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Many Moods of Chihuahuas...

Sometimes my Chihuahua loves me so much the only thing he can do is sneeze!

If that isn't the highest compliment a dog can bestow upon someone I don't know!

Of course, right now it is between the hours of 10am-4pm and the temp is above 55 degrees.

You see during these special, magical hours, he is a BIG dog.

He can eat food on his own. He can sun-bathe all by himself without his Mommy holding him. He can even run up the low four steps to the yard ALL BY HIMSELF!

He is also very happy and almost (notice I don't say all the way, because let's face it he is still a Chihuahua even during sunny daylight hours) loving.

Hence the sneezing fits of love.

Now once the sun starts going down, the NEEDY Chihuahua makes his appearance. Steps? Stairs? How with his remaining three legs, two of which are crippled could he possibly make it up one step let alone four? Are you crazy?

Leave him down on the ground? What????? Have you lost your mind? The sand is cold. He could freeze to death.

And if you expect him to sneeze about his love you better pull out something more than Mommy just walking into the room. Something like steak, and cut if for him, and hand feed it to him.

You see after the sun goes down he becomes a wounded baby sea otter.

Who knew? :-)

So for now while the sun is out and he is a BIG dog I am going to enjoy every last sneeze of happiness :-)

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  1. What a complete character profile you've just written for your little one! He sounds like littleness incarnate! :)