Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Long Con

I know I talk a lot about the little ones. All their naughtiness. All their cuteness. And usually when you hear about Molly, you HEAR about her since she barks as frequently and as loudly as possible.

So it is easy to miss her quieter, sneakier side.

You see she goes for the 'long con.' She's not a Snatch and Grabber. Oh no, her badness is planned out over hours at a time (although she is pretty quick on her feet as well, but that's for another blog).

The perfect example was one day I forgot that I lived with Molly and put my left-overs down on the side table (rather than getting up imediately and putting them in refrigerator) for 2 hours.

Now this whole time, Molly has been 'sleeping.' 'Sound" asleep as a matter of fact. Oblivious to the world. The cat walked by, nothing. The television blared, she snoozed away.

Then time for a Mommy potty break. I got up (plate long forgotten) and went to walk away.

Luckily Orlin (who knows nothing of fine art of the long con), jumped up into my chair and went for the food.

Now Molly didn't go after the food, she snarked at Orlin!
"What do you think you are doing you moron!"
He had ruined a perfectly good 2 hour long bluff. She KNEW the food was there. She was waiting until I FORGOT the food was there.

I can't tell you how many times we have accidentally left 1 grocery bag on the floor (you know the one - with all the pantry items that you'll put away 'later') and hours upon hours in the evening you leave the dogs alone for a single second and come back to find both Molly and the grocery bag long gone.

She is also super sneaky about it. Orlin will just try to grab stuff and wolf if down. Molly knows that ya gotta get the heck out of Dodge with your bounty, then eat in peace.

The rule of thumb in our house is... If you don't see Molly, you better check behind the couch and figure out which food you left out.

So don't be fooled by picture above. Molly may look sweet yet is so very, very devious!


  1. LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing. It's early, but I was definitely laughing out loud. I can picture the scene quite vividly. Have a fab Monday!

  2. What a wonderful morning picture. I'm laughing and enjoying this. I have one like that too. He is hiding somewhere with something he KNOWS he is not suppose to have.

  3. Cute pic, sure looks sweet!!??I am definitely owned and bossed by three Dachshunds I call Skeeiners...part skunk part Doxie, not really, but they dig holes in their grass yard like skunks, and try to eat slugs, which I do not like them to do!! Thanks for sharing what most of us insane doggie lovers try to hide~