Sunday, March 7, 2010

This pack may not play, but they work (it)…

As I was discussing with my pack how weird it is that they don’t play (and if this is your first time to my blog… yes, indeed I do have entire discussions with my dogs – get used to it! :-)

When I decided to blog about their lack of play-age, they wanted to make sure that
they didn’t come across as lazy.

You see, to them, they are the hardest working pack out there. Who has time to chase a stick? Or catch a silly ball?

Molly is, pretty much single-handedly, holding back the Evil Squirrel Nation that is bent on destroying democracy as we know it.

Orlin maintains a vigorous ‘No-Fly’ zone around our house, keeping all birds and planes at a safe distance.

Princess, well, Princess is on the constant look at for serial killers. She pretty much bites first and asks… Well, she never really asks questions, she just bites.

And Chief? Chief is busy trying to control the entire universe with his mind. His tiny, tiny Chihuahua mind. Do you know how hard it is to wake up China with an itty-bitty brain? He does not have TIME to mind, darned it! He is concentrating on world peace!

But wait, you say. They look sound asleep, draped over the bed right now?

Obviously they are taking a ‘Power” nap, duh!

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  1. Power nap - lol
    Just look at that face, who could resist a cuddle.

    CJ xx