Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween - A fun but potentially dangerous holiday

I think pretty much everyone is up to speed on the obvious dangers of Halloween.

Lots of doors opening and closing. Lots of excitement and kids hyped up on sugar. So keep all pets either confined to a room away from the action or keep the dogs on leashes.

And yes, even your dog that has never run out the front door before. I worked emergency shifts for years and can't tell you the number of animals that came in for various wounds and injuries on Halloween that had 'never run out the front door before.' So play it safe!

I am also pretty sure everyone knows about the problem with chocolate in dogs (and cats but for some reason most cats simply don't dig the taste of candy bars). So again, play it safe and keep ALL candy away from the pets.

Most cat owners are also aware of the dark side of the holiday and keep all "Halloween" kitties (black, torti, orange and white) locked up tight the week before and during Halloween. You don't want your kitty targeted by some mis-guided people.

What a lot of dog owners (esp tea cup size) don't realize is that ANY sugar or fatty food can create a condition called pancreatitis. This is a condition of the pancreas that inflames especially after high caloric foods are ingested.

The rash of pancreatitis after a holiday (any of them really since most holidays involve ingesting large amounts of rich food #duh) is staggering.

Don't be one of those people in my waiting room Nov 1st!

I know we all have an instinct to want to share with our dogs, especially the little ones with their pitiful eyes and mind powers, but remember they don't have the same pancreas as we do!

So have a GREAT Halloween. Just if we want to give treats to our dogs this year, how about we give LOVE instead :-)


  1. Thanks dear friend for that very important reminder. Usually I'm the first one at the door too, so M said she'll put me in another room for an hour or so.

  2. Sorry someone was giving you a hardtime on Twitter yesterday. It was uncalled for. She has the option of blocking you if she doesn't like what you say.