Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oh. There you are.

God love these foster kittens but they are the most gentle little souls in the world.

They aren't that loving though either. They are just... well... very proper. We think someone might have swapped out our kittens with some British kittens.

How gentle and proper? Well I broke my pinkie toe last week. It was swollen and bruised and sore. Little Gretchen came over and started to play with my foot. I, of course, tensed up expecting pain.

Nope. She just gently patted my foot with her paw, no claws, then 'gnawed' at my toe with her lips. That's it. That's how she plays. It wasn't like she knew it was sore or I asked her to be gentle. She just was.

For more proof we just have to talk about the kittens favorite game, "Oh. There you are."

And yes, it is about as exciting as it sounds. Basically the a kitten will 'find' either their sibling, another cat, or one of us humans.

When I say 'find' I mean 'find.' There is no pounce. There is no 'Boo!' Or even a 'OH! Holy Cow I found you!!!!' Instead it is just a slight cock to the side of their head. "Oh. I found you." Then maybe a little bat of their paw, but nothing like a tag, you are it. Just a little acknowledgment that they did in fact 'found' you and then they are off doing something else.

Then about 5-10 minutes later they come back. "Oh. I found you."

Like I said, we are surprised they don't break out the afternoon tea!

How have you been surprised by little ones (canine or feline)? Let us know!

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  1. Oh My CAT - those are the cutest kittens ever. Wish we lived closer. They'd be fun to adopt. So very cute.