Thursday, February 4, 2010

4 Dogs. 1 Destroyed Doggie Gate. A Mystery Fit For Sherlock!

I have good dogs. Okay, normally good dogs. Okay, they really are only good dogs when they absolutely have to be, otherwise they are kind of stinkers.

But destructive? Not usually. They tip more towards the demanding side. They would rather boss me around then chew on something. I mean if it isn't fillet, why bother?

Yet the other night we found the (very nice, solid wood) doggie gate nearly chewed through. And not just one post but three of them!

What? How? Why?

And of course, no one fessed up. So my roommate and I went all C.S.I. on them.

First we measured the smaller dogs against the highest bite mark. That got the two Chihuahuas off the hook, they couldn't reach.

Now it was between Alpha and the Goldenx. Now normally Alpha doesn't do her own dirty work (why should she when the Goldenx knocks food off counters and gives it to her, he digs holes for her, etc)so the usual suspect was the Goldenx.

But why? Plus if the Golden wanted out, he could just jump the fence.......

Then it all fell into place. The missing cat food. The lack of poopies in the litter box. The cat litter in my roommates bed.

It seems the Golden has been jumping the fence when we leave the house, eating the cat food, cleaning the little box, then taking a little nap in my roommate's bedroom, and once he hears us coming up the stairs, hops back into my bedroom.

Sneaky devil! And we never would have known if Alpha hadn't gotten pissed off and tried to chew her way out to follow him.

Yeah, with my pack, you have got to stay on your tippy toes!

Still, another case solved! :-)

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  1. Good deductive reasoning - C.S.I. staff would be proud !