Saturday, February 13, 2010


Most days I have good dogs.

Other days the circus comes to town.

Chief won’t poo (no, he doesn’t have to, he has a special colon that doesn’t make poop, take me inside now!).

Princess is striking at everything that moves (and even a few things that don’t).

Molly is on some kind of bark-a-thon, and Orlin won’t stop licking himself (no, not his paws, somewhere else, somewhere that makes everyone in the room uncomfortable!).

I leave the room for a single minute and CRASH, BOOM, there goes the lamp.
Come back, “What the…”

I find four perfect dogs lined up on bed (back facing the offending, up-ended lamp), wagging their tail in synchrony. Smiling, panting their ultimate happiness at their Mommy.

I should yell. I should scold.

Instead I start believing (lamp to the contrary) that I have good dogs!

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