Saturday, February 13, 2010

My dogs have magical powers…

Yep, each to his own.

Chief’s? (well, besides his mind powers which is a whole other blog). His is finding the magical perfect sun-bathing spot. Once he settles in, everyone comes over. Which of course blocks his light, so he finds another sun-magic spot, etc.

Princess’ is the magic stick. It seems every stick she finds is the most fascinating stick there ever was. They other dogs pester her until she gives it up. Then finds another magic stick and so on.

Molly? Well Molly can spot a dog walking on the beach a mile away. No, seriously I’ve calculated it out with binoculars (or maybe it was just lint on the lens). If Molly barks, you know something is going down.

And Orlin? Well, he doesn’t really have one, except to make everyone else feel like they have magical powers.

You see, it is him that goes over to Chief and congratulates him on a sun-bathing spot well found.

It is him that is starts the fascination with Princess’ stick.

And Molly? Oh, he’s got her back, every time. He’ll bark at air if that’s what she wants.

So I guess his magic is being the best big brother a dog could ever have!

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