Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Power of Positive.... Barking!

Yes, my dogs believe they can control the universe, one bark at a time. And I fear, with their combined super powers, they just might be able to.

You see, I can tell what is happening based on who is barking. They each have their own areas of paranoia.

Molly (the Alpha Bichon - which, I know, I know, how did the Bichon end up Alpha, but she is) hates dogs... outside the yard. If she met them on the beach she would love them. If they came in the yard, she would love them.

On the other side of the fence, they must DIE!

Orlin (the 'stoner' dog of the group. He's just high on life :-) hates birds. The one thing (besides Alpha making him bark at other dogs) that really gets his panties (or feathers) in a bunch are birds. For some strange reason he hates his airspace being violated (and don't get him started on his obsession with planes for God's sake!)

Princess (your new leader now that you have joined the Evil Chihuahua Empire) hates... any stranger. To her they are serial killers. Each and every one of them until proven otherwise (and it is a long, mostly painful twelve step process to gain her trust!)

Chief (the 3-legged, 2# Chihuahua) basically only barks if danger is a safe distance away or if he thinks he can take whatever is on the other side of the fence (which amounts to mice and newborn babies which don't normal cruise the beach so usually he only barks just before danger arrives or shortly after it departs)

Now if the whole pack is barking I know that some strange serial killing human is walking their much maligned dog with a bird flying a short distance away!

It's just like being there!


  1. LOL !! It is comforting to know that when our dogs are quiet, it means that there are no serial killers lurking nearby.

  2. Just stopping by to say hi. My mom and I are happy to find your blog. I have a blog too about my chi live, this is the address
    By for now. Peggy and Mhathy